Good Diner Inn Copain

1-8-2, Kami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Tokyo

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Good Diner Inn Copain


Overview of Hostel

We are a hostel which is located in the cafe on the 1st floor.

Not only breakfast (which is included in your room rate)but you can enjoy our food and drink in the café.

Our front entrance close at 20:00 but we have a side door which you can go in and out 24 hours using the password.


From Nights People


Take the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station and go to Left.
Our hostel is within 10 minutes walk from the station.

When you get off the train at Ikebukuro Station , go to the East exit.
If you do not know where it is , please ask someone in Japanese as 'Higashi-guchi wa docchi desuka?'
Once out of the East exit , there is the sidewalk in front of you, go to your left .
On the left hand side , there is 'Big Camera' (Electric appliances shop) .
After walking 5-6 minutes ,you will come to a large intersection.
There is a bridge of the highway above.
Cross the intersection straight.
Proceeding further straight you will see the bridge.
Under the bridge there is a railway line.
There is signal at the end of the bridge.
Cross the signal to the opposite side of the road.
'Tokyo Sky Tree' is visible?in front of you!
After crossing the road, go to your left.
The 4’th building is our hostel..

Located near

Take exit number25 and turn left on exiting the station. From there you just need to walk 10 minutes to the hostel Meiji Jingu Stadium is 7 km from the hostel.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

1.Check-in??16:00 ~ 22:00 (After 22:00 we cannot accept check-in? Check-out??10:00 2.Front open time and telephone reception ? 07:30 ~ 11:00 15:00 ~ 20:00 ??Please beware that we are closed from 11:00~15:00?No one can attend you.? From 07:30~11:00 we can keep your luggage and you can proceed with check-in paper and payment and come back later anytime. 3.*Regarding payment, ?asically we do not accept Credit card. If you wish to settle your bill by credit card, you can do so but?5% commission will be charged. 4.Reservation may be cancelled without charge up to two days prior to arrival. If cancelled one day in advance(before 9pm JST) ? 50% of room rate On your reservation day ? 100% of room rate for first night, 50% of room rate for second No show ? 100% of room rate 5.From Senior high school, it is OK to stay.That is minimu age 15years old . 6.Breakfast is included. 7.Tax is included in the room rate. 8.Arrival time must be informed beforehand and should there be any change, we would like to be informed as well.