Guesthouse Kagaribi

Adachi-ku Senjyu Yanagicho 19-1, Tokyo

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Guesthouse Kagaribi


Overview of Hostel

Situated in the Adachi Ward district in Tokyo.
This area is easily accessible by train to go Nikkou city , Kinugawa city(hot spring area) ,flower park of Asikaga city as well .
and this is real Tokyo . You can not see skyscraper , just see old sopping district , Sentou(traditional public bath), sm

From Nights People


Narita airport (???2??:Kuukou da 2 biru) ? (????????:Keisei honsen)??????(Keiseitakasago station) ? (Keisei kanamachi line) ? ?????(Keiseikanamachi station) ? walk 3 min ? ???(Kanamati station) ?JR???(JR jyubann line) ? ????(Kitasenju station)
¥1280/1per about 1houre 10 minute

Haneda airport(?????1??) ? ???????(Tokyo monorail) ? ????(Hamamatucho station) ? JR????? ????(JR Keihintouhoku line to Omiya) ? ????(Nippori station) ? JR???(JR jyubann line) ?????(kitasenju station)
¥700/1per about 1 hours

Thera is a bus from Haneda airport to Kitasenju station
(from Haneda day 2 terminal No,14 to kitasenju station of west side exit.)

??From Kitasenju station to kagaribi about 15min on foot ..

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Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Not Accepted

1.check-in time: 16:00-22:00 with in midnight (if can not arrive at 10 pm please send me a message ) 2.check-out time: until 10:00 3.reception hour: 16:00-22:00 4.payment: Cash only (JPY) ?Please pay the total price when you check-in