Hisayo's Inn

3-30-13 Nishi Kojiya Ota-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo

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Hisayo's Inn


Overview of Hostel

It's easy to get famous sight seeing spots like Asakusa and Yokohama without transfer by public transportation. We will also support your trip from local to famous sight seeing areas to experience Japanese culture!

You can go to various places from here with this good access to transportation.

From Nights People


You can take either train or bus from Haneda International Airport to HISAYO'S INN.
Take Keikyu Airport Express from arrival floor in the International Terminal.
Get off Otorii station West exit
?Access from Otorii station West exit to HISAYO'S INN (5 minutes by walking)?
1. Turn Right when you go out of Otorii station West exit
2. Turn Right at the first traffic light
3. You will find the sign of Hamatake Library approximate 30 m from the traffic light. Please follow the sign.
4. Keep walking and Hamatake library will be on your left side.
5. HISAYO'S INN (the color of the house is white) is right in front of Nishi san uguisu children park next to the library.

Take buses from platform 8 or 11 on the 1st floor of International Terminal.
?Access from Otorii Bus stop (5 minutes by walking) ?
After getting off the bus, keep walking to Sunkus (convenience store). Cross the junction in front of the convenience store.
Keep walking and you will find the sign of the Hamatake library. The rest is the same as access from Otorii station west exit..

Located near

Haneda Jinja is a famous shrine in this area. Its history goes back to 800 years ago. Haneda Jinja is well known to pray for the safety of any airplanes and the airtraffic, so every airplane company and workers at the airport respect Haneda Shrine sincerely. Heikenji is a famous temple which is located 30 minutes from HISAYO?S INN by train. Over 3 million worshippers visit Heikenji in the every New Year period. You can try Shakyo is making a handwritten copy of a sutra at Heikenji.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

1. Check-in time: from 16:00 to 23:00 When you request to leave your luggage before check in, it is possible only from 7:00-10:00 am. Please let us know in advance. 2. Check-out time: by 10:00. We can keep your luggage by 23:00 after your check out. 3. Reception hour: from 7:00-10:00 and 16:00-23:00.? 4. Payment: cash (JPY) or credit cards (Visa, Master, and Amex) 5. Cancellation policy: (1) 3 - 6 days before Arrival Date ?20 ? of the first night (2) 2 days before Arrival Date ?50 ? of the first night (4) on the day or No Show ? ?100 % of the first night 6. Age restriction: from 0 year old (only Private Rooms) 7. No smoking 8. Pets are not allowed. 9. Tax is included. 10. No Breakfast. 11.No Curfew The front door is an automatically lockable door. We will give you the pass word after your check in.