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Overview of Hostel

*Reception hour is 9:00-14:00 and 16:30-22:00
*Last check in is strictly 22:00 so if your flight arrives later than 20:00 plase reconsider a place to stay / Please avoid to arrive at 14:00-16:30 when we are closed.

Welcome to Retrometro Backpackers!

We are a small, relaxi

From Nights People


Please get off at either of following stations.
-Tawaramachi Sta. (Tokyo Metro Ginza-line) : 7mins on foot (*Recommended)
-Asakusa Sta. (Tokyo Metro Ginza-line / Toei Asakusa line) : 13mins on foot

---------From Airport to Tawaramachi Sta.-------
[From Narita Airport]
Narita Airport >>Asakusa Sta.
by Keisei line 'Access Express'(60min/1290JPY)
by Keisei main line (70-80mins/1100JPY)
*If the train is bound for Ueno, please change to one for Asakusa at Aoto Sta.

Asakusa Sta.>>Tawaramachi Sta.
by Ginza line (1min 170JPY)

[From Narita Airport with Japan Rail PASS]
Narita Airport >>Tokyo Sta.
by Narita Express(1hr 3220JPY?

Tokyo Sta. >> Ueno Sta.
by JR Yamanote line(7min 160JPY?

Ueno Sta. >> Tawaramachi Sta.
by Ginza Line(3min 170JPY)

[From Haneda Airport]
Haneda Airport >> Asakusa Sta.
by Keikyu Airport Line(45min 660JPY?

Asakusa Sta . >> Tawaramachi Sta.
by Ginza line (1min 170JPY)

--------- From Tawaramachi Station------------
1) Get off at Tawaramachi station on Tokyo metro Ginza-line
2) Get out from exit 3
3) Go straight for a while, and turn left at a 2nd traffic light(traffic light 'Kokusaidori-Asakusa 1').
5) Go straight for 3mins passing by 5 junctions. Then you will find us on your right, just before you meet a big street.
Please find a grey, 2-floor building house.

** Check-in is definitely by 22:00.
All members in your group need to check-in at this time.
Your flight needs to arrive at the airport at latest by 20:00 (30-60mins to get our from the airport, and 80mins to get to the hostel).
So if your flight arrives at the airport later than 20:00 please kindly reconsider the place to stay..

Located near

Tawaramachi-station (G18, Tokyo Metro Ginza-line) : 7mins on foot (*Recommended if it's your first time here!) Asakusa station (Tsukube Express) : 3mins on foot Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro Ginza-line) : 10mins on foot Asakusa station (Tobu line) : 12mins on foot Asakusa station (Toei Asakusa-line) : 13mins on foot (direct train from Narita/Haneda airport)

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

[payment] * Please pay the balance upon check-in. Visa and Master card can be used as well as cash payment. [Check-in] * Check-in is strictly by 22:00. All members in your group need to check-in by this time. If your flight arrives at the airport later than 20:00, it is difficult to make it by 22:00 so please kindly reconsider your place to stay. * Check-in time is 16:30-22:00. * Luggage keeping before check-in is available if you arrive at the hostel between 9:00-14:00, and in case you cannot come back to the hostel at the check-in time you can finish payment at 9:00-14:00 too so please ask the receptionist. * Entarnce door and reception is closed at 14:00-16:30, so please avoid to arrive between this time. * Reception hour is 9:00-14:00 and 16:30-22:00. [Cancellation Policy] * Our cancellation policy have priority over hostel world cancellation policy * For any booking changes or cancellations, please inform us by e-mails (instead of phone calls) to avoid any misunderstandings. * 50 % of the first night's room charge if you cancel your reservation 1 day before. * 100 % of the first night's room charge if you cancel your reservation on the appointed day. (Based on Japan time. Emails after 22:00 will be counted as the next day due to our receptin hour.) * NO SHOW (cancellation without informing us) 100% charged for 1st and 2nd night, and 50% charged for 3rd night. * 12% deposit you've paid is not included in your cancellation fee. You have to pay 100% fee without 12% deposit. * IF YOU DO NOT ARRIVE BY 22:00, we treat is as NO SHOW, so above cancellation fee is charged and your whole booking will be cancelled. So in case your flight or train delays, please kindly contact us immediately. * Minimum age is 10 yeards old * We accept max 4 people in same group. Please DO NOT make booking with more than 5 people. * Max duration to stay is 3weeks.