Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

2-14-13, Kuramae,, Tokyo

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Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge


Overview of Hostel

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge aims at Beyond all borders.
Our cafe&bar lounge is one of the most socialized spot in Tokyo hostels to meet Japanese local people and make friends with travelers!
If you like to be alone and chill out, you can go to common area on 6 floor and get relaxed there.


From Nights People


1.5 min walk from Kuramae station(Asakusa line)

*At the first time, we recommend you to come from Kuramae station on Asakusa line. It is really easy to get here.

From Narita Airport
Take Keisei line??(Express line bound for Keisei Ueno station) ?? Oshiage Station??take Asakusa line??Kuramae station (90 min 1240 JPY)

From Haneda Airport
Take Keikyu line??Sengakuji station??take Asakusa line??Kuramae station (45minutes, 500JPY)

From Kuramae station on Asakusa line:
1) Go out from EXIT A2 and turn right.
2) Go straight and turn right at the corner of the convenience store 'Family mart' on the right hand.
3)Go straight and you can see Nui on your right hand.

From Kuramae station on Oedo line
1)Go out from exit A7 of O-edo line Kuramae station.
2)Turn right to Sumida river.
3)Turn right again at the first intersection and go straight (post office is on left side).
4)6 floor white building is Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE (in front of fire station).

Located near

Our hostel is located on real Japanese town, Asakusa Area. 1 and half minutes walk from Kuramae station of Asakusa line (one stop to Asakusa, 3 stops to Tokyo Sky Tree) 1and half minutes walk from Kuramae station of Toei Oedo line (Straight to Shinjuku, Ryogoku, Tsukiji and Roppongi) 10 minutes walk from Asakusa Station of Ginza line (Straight to Shibuya, Omotesando,Ueno and Ginza)

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

We can accept only cash in Japanese yen and please pay the total fee when you check-in. ?Check-in time is till 11:00pm. You must arrive at Narita/Haneda airport before 9:00pm (an hour to get out of the airport and one more hour to get to Nui) ?When you stay at dormitory, We might ask you to be separated into different rooms. ?The maximum number of guests we accept is 8 in one group. Even if you make reservations separately under the different name or different room type, we would recognize them as one group. ?When you book the same type of room and more than 2 nights, We might ask you to move to different room(same room type) and then you can use next room after 16:00. Cancellation Policy *30% of the room rate will be charged if you tell us 2 day before your check in date. *50% of the room rate will be charged if you tell us 1 day before your check in date. *100% of the room rate will be charged if your cancellation date is on the check in day. If you didn't come and stay, we cancel all your booking on the next day of your check in. We will charge you check in day and that next day staying fee. Thank you. All guests must be over 7 years old